Foreign configuration(s) found on adapter

This is an interesting one to be ready for, before that 3am wake up call.  It seems that under certain circumstances an X5-2 server (Exadata storage server in this case) doesn’t come back too cleanly after a power outage.  In this case, it was unable to see any of it’s storage and was complaining that “Foreign configuration(s) found on adapter”.


With blessing from Oracle Support, I ran the steps outlined in Doc ID 2053957.1.  Essentially pressing “C” and using the text-based user interface to import the virtual disk information back in to the controller.

One thing to note is that you will want to configure your Putty keyboard settings to “Xterm R6” if you intend to use Putty.

Despite the stress, the cells rebooted cleanly after this import operation.

Unfortunately for me, this affected 3 out of 7 cells so even with high ASM disk redundancy my cluster was down while I fixed this.

PS – Check your ILOM for faults after a power outage too (show faulty) and consider clearing them if you’re happy they’re false alerts.


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