Exadata: Changing Private IP Addresses

I think this is going to be of somewhat niche interest!  A requirement to change private IP addresses rarely comes up on Exadata, but there are a couple of documentation bugs with the software that currently make it more difficult that it needs to be.

The process is generally quite well documented in the Exadata maintenance guide and basically covers –

  • Changing the cluster_interconnects initialisation parameter
  • Creating the new interface in oifcfg
  • Using ipconf on the cells to make the changes there
  • Changing ifcfg-ib0/ib1 files on the database servers
  • Changing cellinit.ora and cellip.ora
  • Changing hosts file

The problem comes when using the relatively new dbmcli to modify the configuration for the database server MS service.  Basically the documentation states that you should run the following –

dbmcli -e alter dbserver ipaddress1 = ""
dbmcli -e alter dbserver ipaddress2 = ""

But doing this now results in an error –

DBM-00013: Attribute is not modifiable: ipaddress1

There is nothing on MOS about this, and a general internet search brings up nothing too which makes me believe this is quite a recent change.

Sure enough, we can see that these attributes are now non-modifiable –

DBMCLI> describe dbserver
        interconnect1 modifiable
        interconnect2 modifiable

Now the key to fixing this is to look at how ipconf makes a similar change on the cells.

cellcli -e alter cell interconnect1=ib0
cellcli -e alter cell interconnect2=ib1
If I run this on the database server, it does exactly what I need it to do and updates the value of ipaddress1 and ipaddress2 for me -

dbmcli -e alter dbserver interconnect1=ib0
dbmcli -e alter dbserver interconnect2=ib1

This is actually an enhancement – it means that once we’ve modified the interfaces and cellinit.ora/cellip.ora we can run the final command via dcli with no bespoke configuration per server. I think the documentation just needs to catch up before I consider this a true enhancement!





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